New York New York

Photo by Bjorn SimonCurrent haps with this daughter: Planning a train trip to New York City! My Huney is from Brooklyn and I have wanted to visit the big old dirty place since birth. Yep, I came down the birth canal and at entrance into the world added my first mental note: Travel to NYC. Far fetched yes, but you get the point of how long I have wanted to visit the city.

I have actually driven through New York twice! Back in 2009, my sister graduated from college in Rhode Island and we drove to her graduation from Tennessee. Yep, I’m southern! I drove through the outskirts of NY coming and going. I was amazed when we drove through the city’s edge as to how early the sun rises. Someone must have slept in late during a visit to Boston  a few Summers prior (shhh).

The hardest decisions for the trip are train related believe it or not. The rail we are taking offers roomettes, bedrooms, business, and coach. Although they claim coach has tons of leg room I really need to confirm this is the case. I’ve got a strapping and  handsome six foot three gentleman to accommodate. My Huney requires comfort when traveling or the ride isn’t so pleasant for him nor me. We also must eat and have plenty to do along the way. So many choices and things to plan for since we won’t have the freedom to stop at will when driving.

There are restrictions I have read that limits luggage allowance in parts of the trip so, I think we will do back packs and a lunch bag. These will carry clothes and our travel gear: phones, travel notebooks, accessories, and all other accoutrements.


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