American made đánh giá

It’s 1978, & Barry Seal (Tom Cruise), a bored TWA pilot with a sideline in contrabvà concealment, gets hired by the CIA khổng lồ take reconnaissance photos of Soviet-backed insurgents in South America. Before long he’s drug smuggling for all manner of undesirables, having the time of his life risking death.

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Tom Cruise gets his bum out in American Made. Twice, he moons. It’s pristine of course, as you’d expect from a 55-year-old man who can still get away with saying he’s in his thirties. It speaks volumes here, the exposed bum — a perfect summation of Barry Seal’s attitude towards the status quo, but also of the film itself, which breezes through increasingly murky worlds of criminality & corruption as if it were blowing one massive sầu raspberry.

This film was tailor-made for Cruise, so fits hyên ổn perfectly. He and Seal, who quit his day job at TWA to lớn get entangled with the CIA, would have sầu been bosom buddies — by all accounts, Seal was fuelled by adrenaline, forever in search of a bigger hit and bigger stakes, và Doug Liman’s trip through his wildest years fully exploits Cruise’s own fetishes. That’s Cruise flying those planes zooming about the jungle (of course it is). Liman has recounted how hair-raising it was lớn be flying in a helicopter next lớn Cruise, filming hyên ổn as, in a recreation of Seal’s own exploits, Cruise left the cockpit unmanned to scramble bachồng khổng lồ drop packages out of the floor hatch. And there’s a thrill in knowing it’s real.


Barry Seal did not look lượt thích Tom Cruise. Barry Seal weighed đôi mươi stone & looked lượt thích a darts player, và in real life Pablo Escobar knew hyên ổn as ‘El Gordo’ — the fat man. But all the filmmaking here is in service of Seal’s spirit. It goes out of its way khổng lồ be scraggy, places & dates scrawled on the screen, handheld cameras scurrying around to lớn catch the action. Gleeful recklessness sells reality, as vì chưng the performances, particularly those of the future Medellín cartel guys, who Seal attracts the attention of soon after he starts working for the CIA. They are threatening in their subtlety. The first time we see Escobar, he’s scoffing an orange, utterly menacing in his nonchalance. The film reeks of realness, & compared khổng lồ Cruise’s recent run, a seemingly endless glut of outsized action, it’s all relatively down khổng lồ earth.

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And in keeping with Seal’s story, American Made never really slows down. Maybe that’s as it should be, in honour of its anti-hero, a man on a constant joyride. But being a big ball of fun hobbles the film somewhat. It doesn’t go deep, and rarely resonates. Sarah Wright is great as Seal’s wife, but despite sizeable screentime, the family scenes come across as a subplot. You long for more peaks & troughs, & some personal devastation.

The underlying themes, though, hit trang chủ. Seal’s family aside, everybody sees everybody else as currency. Everyone’s in it for themselves. Money trumps morals. Everybody’s Scarface. “All this is legal?” Seal asks Domhnall Gleeson’s CIA agent at the start. “If you’re doing it for the good guys,” he responds, the mere concept of ‘good guys’ long archaic.

Cruise is as compelling as ever with charm to spare, và this is a ceaselessly entertaining, sometimes tense romp. Although it doesn’t dig much below the surface.