Motherboard review: asus b85

Hãng Asus is well know for making high end chất lượng motherboard, with a high focus on gamers và overclockers & is best know for there ROG line of motherboard But today we are looking at Hãng Asus B85 PRO GAMER with promise of performance và chất lượng features for gaming as there ROG line motherboards.

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24 Hz / 2560 x 1600
60 Hz– Supports DVI with max. resolution 1920 x 1200
60 Hz– Supports RGB with max. resolution 19đôi mươi x 1200

Product showcase

ASUS B85 PRO GAMER on demo bench.


ASUS B85 PRO GAMER comes with a lot of features even at its low price point, Specifically targeted towards gamers.


GameFirst is Asus’ network monitoring & packet prioritization utility. Previous iterations have been a direct facelift of CFOS, with a little Hãng Asus branding and GUI changes. But with this iteration we are seeing a truly in-house hàng hóa, with revamped interface và added functionality. But at its core we are still looking at a nice product which can be used to optimize your network connections.




ASUS B85 PRO GAMER comes with Asus trademark SupremeFX, Which mean that motherboard have sầu a separate section on motherboard for sound cut of from rest of the motherboard components, Providing high quality sound out of the box.

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Ai Suite 3

Ai Suite is an exclusive sầu Hãng Asus software which provides you all the features such as DIGI+ VRM settings

Fan Xpert 2, USB 3.0 boost, System information & EZ Update. Giving you all the overclocking & performance optimization options.

As you can see EZ Mode gives you all the options you need on a very simple elegant single screen with on screen pop ups lớn SATA Information and shortcuts to lớn more advanced settings with all the boot options required. With easy người control và system power saving modes. You also get real time system temperature information & XMPhường setting.

Pressing F8 gives you easy pop up access all the boot devices. And clicking SATA Information shows all the SATA devices and slot information.

By pressing F3 in ASUS B85 PRO GAMER EZ Bgame ios you get a pop up screen called shortcuts which can be customized lớn your likings. By pressing F7 in EZ Mode you bring out the Advanced mode with more advance settings and detailed view as the name suggests.

Bench Setup

CPU- Hãng sản xuất Intel G3258

GRAPHICS CARD- Sapphire 7770

RAM- 8GB Gskill 1600

PSU- Corsair G800

COOLER- Custom Water

Cinebench 11.5





Cinebench R15


ASUS B85 PRO GAMER is a very competitive motherboard for its price point and a very good contender for người chơi on budget. Pared with Hãng Intel G3258 I was able to overcloông chồng the CPU till 4.8Ghz and staying stable in benchmarks, gaming & temp temperatures. ASUS B85 PRO GAMER is a very good deal at a price point of about Rs, 10000/- be it for gaming or other multitruyền thông media purpose.