Beats X Đánh Giá

Whether we’re calling a friover, playing music, or even asking Siri for help, we’re almost always listening lớn our phones. In this world, we’re more or less constantly connected. But we can’t always be attached to lớn our devices. When we’re out running, traveling, or even just hanging out at trang chính, we want a way to stay connected without having it always glued khổng lồ our hands.

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What vì we need? A great pair of wireless headphones, of course! So can these BeatsX earphones give us what we want?

Let’s find out in this in-depth BeatsX Review…


The fit of the eartips makes them fantastic for the thể hình. They nestle cozily in the ear allowing the user to lớn go running, cycling, or lifting weights without any fear of losing them. They also have sầu handy built-in magnets, meaning they snap together any time you take them out.

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The Downside?

They’re not waterproof. So, a seriously sweaty workout might give you a bit of a problem.

And how about answering calls? Well, the flex khung cable helps again here. We can speak directly inlớn the microphone while adjusting the volume for a clear conversation. These controls are also useful when listening khổng lồ music, as you can skip or rewind songs.

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BeatsX Pros và Cons

So Many Headphone Choices

We really lượt thích these Beats headphones & highly recommkết thúc them; but, there may be something that makes them unsuitable for you? If that’s the case, please kiểm tra out our nhận xét of the Sony MDR 7506, the Bose Soundlink Around Ear, the 1More Triple Driver, the Bose QuietComfort 25, the Sony WH1000XM3, and the Bose QuietComfort II.


Overall, BeatsX earphones offer any user a great experience. The comfort alone makes them a first-rate choice. Different eartips along with that awesome cable mean that this level of comfort is hard to lớn beat.

The W1 chip is a real asmix. It removes all the hassle of pairing your earphones with your device. OK, Android devices don’t get the same advantage. But they still get the range và extended battery life. The quiông xã charge feature is also seriously useful.

What did we ask? Can BeatsX earphones give us what we want? Well, we think we’ve sầu found our answer: Yes they can!