Biscuit dough mua ở đâu

Erika Council, the force behind Atlanta’s Bomb Biscuits, has a clever, no-waste trick lớn get more out of your next batch of biscuits.

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As an Alabamian who moved lớn Thành Phố New York City 15 years ago, I get asked about biscuits a lot. My advice is always the same: Buy the right flour (soft trắng winter wheat if you can, cake flour if you can’t), keep everything very cold, and don’t overwork the dough. But now, thanks lớn Atlanta’s “biscuit jedi,” Erika Council, I have another good tip: Put your slab of dough on your baking sheet, cut out the biscuits but keep the scraps around the biscuit rounds, và then bake the whole thing, scraps và all. 

This method, which Council posted about on Twitter & Instagram in July, is wildly clever for a couple reasons. First, it means you don’t need khổng lồ re-roll out the biscuit dough to lớn punch out another few biscuits. The more you work the biscuit dough, the more gluten forms, meaning that you get tough, rather than tender biscuits. Second, it means that you have glorious little biscuit end scraps, which are fantastic for scooping up gravy or just snacking on. I tried it at home page & loved it so much I may never make biscuits another way. 

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“I learned this trichồng watching my great uncle và grandmother make biscuits growing up,” Council wrote in an email to lớn Food & Wine. “My great-grandmother ‘Big Mama’ was the person they learned the triông xã from. Although they didn't see it as a triông xã, more so just not being wasteful. And they didn't care too much for square biscuits.”

Council knows her way around a biscuit, that’s for sure. She runs Bomb Biscuit in Atlanta, a biscuit-centric pop-up. This year, thanks to the pandemic, Council rolled out a delivery option that allows Atlantans to lớn order a box of buttermilk biscuits khổng lồ be dropped off at their door. 

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Next time you make biscuits, forget the re-rolling & cutting out, và just bake the slab whole. Those extra biscuit scraps won’t go to lớn waste. 

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