Cách làm nhạc chuông trên iphone

How lớn mix a traditional iPhone ringtone must use a computer with iTunes. But not everyone has a computer, which is inconvenient. The reason Apple does this is that you want khổng lồ spkết thúc more money to buy ringtones on the iTunes Store. But don’t worry, through this article you will know how lớn download và phối iPhone ringtones using GarageBand, no computer, iTunes, và no jailbreak.

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Why should you set ringtones for iPhone

Personalize your iPhone: Now the iPhone is cheap, so anyone can own it. Do you get confused every time when sitting at a table with many iPhone users và when the phone rings, everyone looks back & forth because they do not know whose ringtone (usually people usually leave sầu it as the best version). So setting another iPhone ringtone will make you st& out from the crowd. The ringtone rings lớn know yours, not anyone’s. Too great!

Express your mood: Each melody has a feeling of it, cheerful – vibrant, quiet – gentle. Do you like a tune that expresses your mood or musical taste every time the phone rings. Then choose the music you lượt thích best và start following the instructions right away.

Steps to mix iPhone ringtone without a computer, iTunes

Step 1: Download iPhone ringtone right on your device.

Step 2: Cut iPhone ringtone if necessary.

Step 3: Set iPhone ringtone with GarageBvà.

Download iPhone ringtones right on the phone

Before setting iPhone ringtones, you need to lớn tải về music files. Now iPhone supports file manager and Safari has the function lớn tải về & manage downloaded files. So very we have sầu a lot of ways khổng lồ tải về iPhone ringtones. Just choose the one that suits you.

Download iPhone ringtones from YouTube

Step 1: xuất hiện the YouTube tiện ích on your iPhone & find the music you want to lớn be your iPhone ringtone.

Step 2: Cliông xã the Share button và choose Copy Path.

Tải về, rồi nhấp Lưu" class="wp-image-8291"/>Choose Save sầu to lớn File, then choose the iCloud Drive> Downloads thư mục, & then clichồng Save

Download iPhone ringtones using sync apps

In addition khổng lồ the above methods, you can also use sync applications on computers & commonly used phones such as Google Drive, Zalo to skết thúc files.

For example, after sending the sound file Zalo, you open it on the iPhone, then click the nội dung button in the bottom corner.

Tải về, rồi nhấp Lưu" class="wp-image-8293"/>Choose Save sầu to lớn File, then choose the iCloud Drive> Downloads folder, and then cliông xã Save

Cut iPhone ringtone if needed

IPhone ringtone time only allowed up to 29 seconds. So if you can’t find a suitable sound file, or you want to lớn cut a piece that you lượt thích. Please follow their instructions, very simple.

Step 1: Download Mp3 Cutter – Cut và join music on iPhone.

Step 2: Open the iPhone ringtone cutter app and clichồng Edit Music , then select iCloud.

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Step 3: Select the music tệp tin you have sầu downloaded, the user guide window appears, then turn it off.

Step 4: You use 2 blue and red slide buttons lớn drag to lớn the position of the ringtone you want. But that takes a bit of time, I suggest you listen and find the start seconds for the ringtone you want, then enter in the 2 boxes below, the 2nd cell you just add 29 khổng lồ it. For example: cell one = 0, then cell two = 29, cell one = 25, cell two = 54.

Step 5: Cliông chồng the save icon to lớn finish cutting iPhone ringtone.

Step 6: You named for iPhone ringtones just cut, then clichồng OK , then you continue khổng lồ cliông xã Go to my music.

Step 7: This is just the cut music, it’s not the format of the ringtone. You must cliông chồng on the option button and then clichồng Create Ringtone. Then cliông chồng Go to Ringtone.

Step 8: You continue to cliông xã the option in the ringtone file, and then select Share.

Tải về, rồi nhấp Lưu" class="wp-image-8298"/>Choose Save lớn File, then choose the iCloud Drive> Downloads folder, & then clichồng Save

Set an iPhone ringtone with GarageBand

Now is the step lớn install iPhone ringtones without a computer & iTunes here. You are a bit difficult the first time, you read the steps carefully.

Step 1: You need to download the official GarageBand tiện ích from Apple on the AppStore.

Step 2: mở cửa the GarageB& tiện ích to lớn create a new song. You clichồng the ibé lượt thích the letter O khổng lồ add the sound file.

Step 3: Select the File tab above, & then cliông chồng Browse items from the Files app below. Then you cliông chồng the Browse button in the upper left corner.

You select Use sound as … then select Standard Ringtone

That’s it, the steps lớn set iPhone ringtones with GarageB&, no need for a computer or iTunes. You go lớn Settings > Sound & Touch > Ringtone lớn kiểm tra. To delete, you swipe left will reveal the delete button.

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Really making it extremely difficult the first time, guys. But if you can bởi vì it once, it will be very simple next time. It’s just hard lớn install iPhone ringtones with GarageBand. So we have sầu an iPhone ringtone as desired without using a computer or iTunes at all. If you see a good article, did you vì it or not, leave sầu a comment below for me to discuss.

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