I have a Beomaster 6000 unit that I can’t even figure out how to lớn turn on. No idea if these are desirable at all, but if anyone can use it & wants to pay shipping costs from Boston, drop a line! Or if anyone might like lớn trade for it, I can pay shipping. Could be that this is a recycle bin special but thought maybe someone would like it.

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I used khổng lồ know these damned things but it"s forty years baông xã & I wasn"t really a "Beoperson" baông chồng then. Is there not a semi-concealed mains switch near the mains lead entry point? The rest is on the front panel touch pads...The one thing audiophools forget with these B&O units is that looks aside, these things HAD to lớn drive a 4 ohm load easily which they did with ease, unlượt thích much of the far eastern cheaper competition. One or two receivers were a bit iffy (3000-2 had not good IMD I recall), but the blachồng 4000 was nice & the slant sliders 4400 was superb in any language. Obviously the casework và style were so important lớn these (& as the ever popular Nayên stuff used DIN"s we can"t in the UK argue at that either) although the DIN speaker sockets (YECH!!!) were an issue. The cables B&O supplied were heavier gauge though, than the thin doorbell types the domestic vendors offered for us to lớn sell.Lastly, the tuner sections of practically all B&O units were superb & I always put it down lớn difficult Scandinavian (and region) reception conditions, which may well be a load of bullsh*t frankly Hope the recipient can get it working and that today with clean sources, it "sounds" really good. The electrolytics B&O used in the 70"s & early 80"s may well be not too long lived (many lower models were littered with Roe types which don"t seem to last well and bulge & so on).
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Thank you for the information. When I was a kid, my friends và I would ride our bikes lớn the local strip mall và kiểm tra out the stereo shop there. I would marvel at the Klipsch speakers, McIntosh amps và speakers and especially the B&O thiết đặt. There is something about the elegant simplithành phố of the B&O products that attracts me even more today. Baông xã then it was function, function and function, no matter how it looked. Now, I"m not sure I need 200W pc or four cabinets worth of drivers to lớn play Pink Floyd or Yes, though maybe for Rob Zombie . I assume the issue is with old caps that have sầu degraded, so I"m planning to go through the power supply as a start and replace those caps. No mods are planned, though maybe the DIN plugs will make me crazy. I"m a mechanical engineer that dabbles in electronics, so this should be a great project khổng lồ add lớn the danh sách which right now is growing.I"ve sầu been lurking here for a couple of months and loving the attitude và I had to sign up this morning.

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I was introduced to B&O by a high school friover, shortly after he và his family moved khổng lồ the US from Engl&. They had a "budget" system for the boys, and a nice system for the parents. The parents has the 6000, và it was always a treat when they let us use it.