Đánh Giá G533

Logitech has some great wireless gaming headsets in their repertoire & the Logitech G533 continues this trkết thúc. No corners were cut when it earlsdaughter.comes to lớn sound quality, earlsdaughter.comfort, and excellent software. Find out just how good this gaming headphối is, with our Logitech g533 reviews.

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The G533 is a worthy addition khổng lồ Logitech’s roster of exceptional gaming headsets on trương mục of its good looks & remarkable sound unique, & it’s made all the more attractive sầu by its reasonable price tag. Due lớn its laông xã of console tư vấn, it’s best when used primarily on PC or if you own both a gaming rig và a PS4, but it’s an outstanding wireless headphối nonetheless.


Great sound qualitySimple yet sexy designTough but earlsdaughter.comfortable buildFantastic softwareAffordable price


No official console tư vấn means features are lacking on PS4Laông chồng of an audio jackNot a lot of options for music

In a mid-ranged market dominated by likes of the superb SteelSeries Arctis 7 và the affordable Corsair HS70, can Logitech’s offering bring enough heat lớn stand out? In this Logitech G533, we’re looking to lớn find out if simpler really does mean better.

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What is the Logitech G533?

The Logitech G533 is part of Logitech’s “G” line of gaming headsets và really doesn’t cốt truyện much of its predecessors features when it earlsdaughter.comes lớn looks. It serves as sort of a middle ground between the wild-looking G635 and the more conventional G433.

It doesn’t have any particular gimmicks or stand-out features like the Razer Nari Ultimate’s haptic feedback or the Sennheiser GSP 370’s insane battery life. Instead, Logitech promises a quality gaming experience by doing the fundamentals extremely well, which it does.

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While the G533 is a lot more down-to-earth looking than its predecessors, it still looks very much like a gaming headphối on account of its curvy form factor, though it’s tasteful and sleek enough lớn wear while you’re on the go.

Its original price of $160 had the headmix debut in the higher mid-range market, but nowadays Amazon has it listed at a much more affordable $100 which is in the same range as the Corsair HS70 and the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2.



In my opinion, the Logitech G533 is one of the better-looking gaming headset’s I’ve sầu had the opportunity khổng lồ reviews. The rounded, rectangular ear cups connect seamlessly to the backwards-slanting headbvà and the retractable boom mic folds neatly inkhổng lồ a hollowed-out section on the left side. It earlsdaughter.comes in a nice blover of matte and glossy black & the whole thing looks sleek & simple yet undeniably người chơi.

If you’re a tín đồ of the G635 then this headmix might be too timid for you, but if you like your headsets more low-profile then this will likely catch your fancy. The headset’s really sturdy too thanks to lớn the dense ear cups & the metal frame in the headb& that makes it both tough và flexible.

Final Thoughts

With a more basic look & a lower price point, you’d expect the G533 to lớn be a more watered-down version of Logitech’s premium headsets. That’s definitely not the case, not by much at least. It offers fire-rate audio kiến thiết & build quality và features the top-notch software that the br& is known for.