Đánh Giá His R9 270

AMD"s new Radeon R9 270X draws its lineage more from the Radeon HD 7800 series than any other. The R9 270X is, for all intents and purposes, identical lớn the Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition which launched at $350, but settled down lớn around $250, holding on khổng lồ that price-point quite well, và for quite long. At 1050 MHz, its GPU core cloông xã tốc độ is 5 percent higher, & at 1400 MHz (5.60 GT/s effective), its memory clochồng speed is a significant 16 percent higher than the HD 7870.The 28 nm "Pitcairn" silinhỏ on which the Radeon R9 270X is based features 1,280 stream processors based on the Graphics CoreNext micro-architecture, 80 texture memory units (TMUs), 32 raster operations units (ROPs), and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface holding 2 GB of memory.

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The R9 270X reviewed today comes from HIS. They have increased clochồng speeds significantly on their R9 270X IceQ X² Turbo Boost, making this one of the highest-clocked R9 270Xs on the market at this time. We also find the HIS signature IceQ X cooler with its two fans on the card. The card is very competitive in terms of pricing as it is available online for $200, which means there is no price increase at all for higher clocks và the cooler.

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Radeon R9 270X Market Segment Analysis GeForce GTX 660ASUS R9 270 DC II OCRadeon HD 7870GeForce GTX 580Radeon R9 270XHIS R9 270X IceQ X²GeForce GTX 660 TiGeForce GTX 760Radeon HD 7950GeForce GTX 670Radeon HD 7970GeForce GTX 770Shader UnitsROPsGraphics ProcessorTransistorsMemory SizeMemory Bus WidthCore ClockMemory ClockPrice
2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB1536 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB3072 MB2048 MB3072 MB2048 MB
192 bit256 bit256 bit384 bit256 bit256 bit192 bit256 bit384 bit256 bit384 bit256 bit
980 MHz+925 MHz1000 MHz772 MHz1050 MHz1140 MHz915 MHz+980 MHz+800 MHz915 MHz+925 MHz1046 MHz+
1502 MHz1400 MHz1200 MHz1002 MHz1400 MHz1400 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1250 MHz1502 MHz1375 MHz1753 MHz

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