Đánh giá i7 6700k

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Its performance gains may be modest, but the Vi xử lý Core i7-6700K is definitely exciting on the overclocking front.

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The 6700K is one of two launch chips representing the new Skylake family of 14nm CPUs – the other is the Vi xử lý Core i5-6600K. This i7 & its quartet of unlocked Hyperthreaded cores rocks in at 4GHz nominally with a 4.2GHz Turbo clock. Yup, just 200MHz worth of Turbo boost. Why even bother?

Anyway, it slots inlớn the new LGA1151 socket & thereby hooks into lớn Intel"s new 100-series chipsets, the most notable of which for us performance junkies is the Z170, which effectively replaces the old Z97. Graphics-wise, there"s an Hãng Intel HD Graphics 530 core onboard, & thus not one of the fancy new Iris or Iris Pro solutions. Got that?

Whatever, Skylake is a "Tock" in Intel"s Tick-Tochồng chip development parlance & that means it"s supposedly an all-new processor kiến thiết on an existing production node, in this case 14nm. Except we"ve sầu barely seen any of the first 14nm chips, known as Broadwell, on the desktop & now Skylake is go for launch. Put simply, Intel"s CPU roadmap has gone completely out of whack.

The other problem, when it comes to improving CPU performance, is that Intel"s CPU engineers snaffled up all the low hanging fruit long ago. Then they climbed the branches & grabbed everything else. And now there"s almost nothing left. Intel"s CPU cores are outrageously optimised.

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Cinebench R15: 915x264 Clip encoding (frames per second): 56Memory bandwidth: 26GB/sMetro: Last Light (frames per second – minimum in brackets): 37 (23)Shadow of Mordor (frames per second – minimum in brackets): 53 (37)Project Cars (frames per second – minimum in brackets): 28 (27)3DMark: 5883Maximum overclock: 4.8GHzPeak platsize power consumption: 140W

All this explains why our above sầu benchmark results show such a modest uptick in raw CPU performance. It"s all of 4% faster than the existing Vi xử lý Core i7-4970K in Cinebench. Bleh. As for video clip encoding, you"re looking at a 6% leap. Hardly exciting.

The game benchmarks are arguably even less dramatic. At the kinds of resolutions that a fairly pricey chip lượt thích this is likely khổng lồ find itself operating, the impact of the 6700K is slyên going on none. If you"ve sầu got a fast Hãng Intel Haswell processor or an Ivy Bridge chip, hell maybe even a Sandy Bridge chip, you probably won"t feel much subjective sầu difference with Skylake. It"s just not a big enough step forward.

We even found that the weirbởi chip that is the Broadwell bộ vi xử lý Core i7-5775C has the edge in some game benchmarks, & that"s probably thanks to lớn the 128MB of eDRAM, something the new Skylake Ks laông chồng.