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On this front side we can see a power switch, the power switch has three functions,

– If you switch the switch in the middle will be off,

– If you turn the switch to the right (volume side) at this time the device will not function USB-DAC và you can use the tai nghe jaông chồng if you want to use both DAC + AMPhường. circuit for listening to lớn music, but If you just want to lớn use the DAC then transfer to lớn a more advanced AMP then you will plug into lớn the live OUT port right next to the phone port.

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– If you switch the switch to lớn the left side (phone port), the device will only be a true Headphone Amplifier, you will use the AUX IN input đầu vào lớn send the electrical signal (Analog) from the music player. Go to lớn D-Zero and we plug in the tai nghe jaông xã lớn enjoy the power of the AMP.. on the device.

– USB charging port with 2 charging functions & USB-Dac connection with PC or Smartphone

– The CHARGE switch with on for charging, & off as the charger, this isolation reduces the risk of the battery being used by the device.

– GAIN switch with Hi and Lo, switch to Hi when you use headphone with big impedance, Lo when using tai nghe with small impedance.

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The D-Zero MK2 has dual WM8740 inside, và take digital signtal up to 24/96. The D-Zero MK2 can work as a standalone AMP, và standalone DAC, và a AMP.. + DAC bộ combo. Có thể tất cả trang bị cùng với sever nhỏng USB-Souncard. It can work with iPhones, iPads via the Camera kit as DAC. It also can work with Android OS device via OTG cable as DAC.

The following are the specs:

Power nguồn Source: Built-in 4.2V Li-polymer battery

Frequency Response: 17Hz ~ trăng tròn KHz +/- 1.0dB (DAC) 17Hz ~ 100 KHz +/- 1.0dB (AMP)

Signal khổng lồ Noise Ratio: 108dB (DAC line out), 102dB (Amp)

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.002%
1kHz/0dB (DAC line out), 0.003%
1kHz/-10dBV (AMP)

đầu ra power: Up to lớn 120mW + 120mW into lớn 16Ω

Gain: + 3dB / + 9dB (AMP)

Battery Life: 1trăng tròn Hours (AMP)

Battery Charge Time: 5 Hours

External Power supply: 5V DC

Recommended Headphone Impedance: 8 ~ 300Ω

Case size: 2.17W x 3.98L x 0.44H (inch) 55W x 101L x 11H (mm)

Weight: 95g or 3.35oz

Certificates: FCC, CE, RoHS


D-Zero MK2 actually shows itself as a flexible Headphone Amplifier + USB – DAC. I successfully tested USB Dac on both Windows and Mac OS, on điện thoại iPhone 5S when using the camera cable. Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Z1, Z2, etc. Also, I used D-Zero as the Headphone Amplifier when I plugged the iPod touch 4.

According to the ibasso introduced, D-Zero can best pull headphones with an impedance of 8 khổng lồ 300 ohms. I have sầu tried with Yuin PK1 & can confirm the cone: D-Zero Mk2 + Yuin Pk1 is a good set, more bass, mid advanced, vocacác mục sweet & more exuberant, the sound field is open wide. I have sầu tested with some other headphones lượt thích Sennheiser HD598, Sennheiser Momentum on-ear, Sony MDR 1R MK2, ATH M50X, RHA T10i, the results show that the Sennheiser headphones get the most improvement in chất lượng. The sound, the specific bass và the deeper down, the mid-tempo back and dry of the sennheiser also improved a lot, mid sweet, advanced, especially the dazzling trebble improved quite a lot.

About the sound unique of the DAC circuit on D-Zero Mk2: I use the desktop + music player foobar2000 + D-Zero Mk2 results show that the sound is greatly improved và quite similar lớn the sound of the ipod. classic, neutral sound tone is quite warm tone. A background clean, deep.

where can you get a iBasso D-Zero MK2 online

iBasso D-Zero MK2 D0-MKII Dual WM8740 DAC Portable Headphone Amplifier with 3.5mm Stereo khổng lồ RCA Connection Kit: Buy it now