Đánh Giá Tai Nghe Sennheiser Hd 202

It all started a few months ago when I was at a CD cửa hàng. They were using the Sennheiser HD202 headphones, và I was surprised at how musically involving those headphones were. I know we are all into lớn high-over, high fidelity, audiophile, exotic, expensive headphones, and a $30 cans is the last thing we’ll look at when building a system. However, once in a while, a good cheap tai nghe can be fun.

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We all know how picky high end headphones can be. Reading the nhận xét on the HD650, K701, và DT880 confirms that. As the cấp độ of fidelity goes up, somehow those headphones get more picky on the tuy vậy they like và not lượt thích. Not lớn mention that the higher resolution reveals how crappy your favorite band’s recordings are, & that you can no longer listen to lớn the Top 40 because most of the recordings have compressed dynamic range và overly bright treble. Then comes the requirements with the amps, which we all know is something our wallets hate. Last but not least, is the necessity lớn babysit your tai nghe, perhaps even more than your own baby daughter (if you have sầu one)! Crap, that sounds like a world I don’t want lớn live in!

This is where headphones like the HD202 comes in. So while listening to it at the CD cửa hàng, I noticed that it was really good, even playing different genres of music. It can tell it was a true Sennheiser in the sense that it has a relatively smooth và laid bachồng sound, và with a good low over. It is not as “heavy” (as in slow-paced) as the HD650, but it was pretty nimble and it still works really well with the faster Rock stuff. Of course, it’s not as fast and PRaTty HD25-1, but again, the HD202 does have a wider genre bandwith than the $200 HD25-1. This tai nghe can take on a lot of different music, & come up with an 8/10 presentation for every one of them, including Rochồng, Pop, Top40, Jazz, or even Classical.


It actually looks good on a blaông chồng, silhouetty picture. Had the lighting been brighter, you’d notice that the headphone looks really cheap and plasticky.

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One day, I felt lượt thích wanting lớn buy a new tai nghe but I didn’t want khổng lồ spkết thúc $300 on it, so I went out and got the HD202. I got trang chính, listened to lớn it, and everything was as good as I remembered it lớn be on the CD cửa hàng. Of course mine was better since the one on the CD shop had old tattered pads that felt uncomfortable khổng lồ wear. I also owned the HD201, & think it’s better lớn spover a little bit extra to lớn get the HD202, mainly due lớn the added low kết thúc & better acoustics from the different housing kiến thiết (the HD201 had more reverb issues, so it sucks for classical & jazz). And while the HD201 has a more neutral tone, the added low kết thúc body on the HD202 puts just the proper amount of weight khổng lồ the music, while still quite far from a bassy headphone definition.

The laid baông chồng stance didn’t feel as dark as a HD650 either, most probably because the HD202 didn’t have sầu as much bottom kết thúc as the HD650. And within the laid bachồng stance, you get a surprisingly good treble presence, but toned in such a way that they don’t become intrusive sầu on mainstream recordings. The midrange area is quite full bodied và smooth (something you wouldn’t expect for a $30 headphone). Though the vocal, strangely, can be a little backward on some recordings. You would never find the bass presence khổng lồ be lacking (if you vì chưng, then let me certify you a true basshead), although the punch is not as good as I would lượt thích it to lớn be (aka, a little weak). The bass is also a tad boomy, though I certainly don’t mind given the price point.