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The normal states correspond with, aao ước other things, to the functioning modes và the abnormal states with the possible system degradations.
Here time discipline is put lớn the service not of virtuous self-culture, but the opposite, the degradation of the operatives as moral beings.
At the inter-state cấp độ, the environmental degradation of one country could easily affect the environments of neighboring states.
Furthermore, the removal of a binomially distributed number of molecules can (in this case) be seen as independent degradation.
To our knowledge, this was the first analysis of the drastic mesoscopic consequences of intracellular zero-order degradation.
Though this may have sầu certain advantages, it is unclear whether such a change is lớn be considered an improvement or a degradation of cost-effectiveness analysis.
Lipoxygenases may also contribute khổng lồ cell elongation or degradation by modifying cell membrane phospholipid composition.
Multiple proteases may also be involved in the degradation of the many protein precursors found in the developing seed.
Intracellular degradation was advanced in both the epidermal cells (illustrated) and in the underlying mesophyll.
The tomalớn seeds induced khổng lồ germinate release soluble sugars inlớn the incubation medium, including a significant amount of mannose, which indicates active polysaccharide degradation.
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Các từ hay được sử dụng với degradation.

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Histatin 2 is a degradation sản phẩm of histatin 1, và all other histatins are degradation products of histatin 3.
Its appearance has changed dramatically over the past 200 years due to anthropogenic influences resulting in ecological degradation.
Majorities tend to lớn be aware of environmental degradation costs now và in the future, but only small minorities favor policies based solely on environmental consequences.
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