Despicable me 3 review

Now that we’ve sầu seen the Minions — those roly-poly, bright-yellow, gibberish-polyglot henchmen — carry their own movie, can we really go back khổng lồ treating them like sidekicks? If “Despicable Me 3” is any indication, then the answer khổng lồ that question is a firm “No.” This third go-round with reformed supervillain Gru (voiced by Steve sầu Carell) flags whenever the Minions or antagonist Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) aren’t at the center of the action.

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Back in the 1980s, Bratt was the teen star of a hit TV series, but after puberty hit, he and the show got the sack. Since then, Bratt became the gadget-wielding bad guy he once played on the small screen in real life, but his aesthetic never evolved: he wears a shoulder-padded track suit in a shade of purple not seen before or since 1984, and he’s not letting a bald spot keep him from sporting a king-of-the-mall mullet.

While Bratt is one of the best additions to this third entry, he’s too often off-screen so we can follow the less-interesting adventures of Gru & new wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig), who have sầu both just been fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing lớn stop Bratt from stealing the world’s largest đá quí. That’s not the only shake-up in Gru’s life — one day he receives word from Dru, the twin brother he never knew he had, inviting hyên for a visit.

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(Julie Andrews makes an all-too-brief appearance as the mother who separated the siblings when she and her husbvà divorced.)

With no other immediate prospects Gru, Lucy & daughters Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Damãng cầu Gaier) và Agnes (Nev Scharrel) head off lớn Freedonia — Grouđến Marx’s Rufus T. Firefly is sadly absent — for a family reunion. And while it appears that Dru is a successful pig farmer, the real family legacy turns out khổng lồ be supervillainy, & Dru hopes Gru can tutor hyên in the ways of their father. Gru plays along, mainly in an attempt to steal the đá quí baông chồng from Bratt.

There are more plates here than screenwriters Cinteo Paul & Ken Daurio know how to lớn spin — the Minions get packed off to lớn jail for much of the movie, preventing them from interacting with the other characters, & subplots about Lucy’s worries over stepmotherhood, the AVL’s brash new trùm Valerie Da Vinci (Jenny Slate), và a Freedonian boy with a crush on Margo never really go anywhere. (And if you happen to be an Edith fan, she particularly is left with nothing to bởi here.)

Not that there aren’t some hilarious and visually striking moments along the way, whether it’s Gru and Dru breaking inlớn Bratt’s fortress in skintight suits that suggest a cross between “Danger: Diabolik” & “Spy vs. Spy” or the Minions’ elaborate, garbled take on an operetta classic.

The hits of the ’80s that underscore Bratt’s every move are a little on the nose, but at least the vintage pop songs are a diversion from the string of chirpy Pharrell Williams tunes, all apparently designed khổng lồ be “Happy”-style earworms.

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Parker revels in the trademark nasal arrogance he’s honed to perfection after decades of “South Park,” and Carell seems to be enjoying himself as he figures out a way lớn make the twins’ voices different from one another. But Lucy is such a seeming afterthought here that Wiig is stuông chồng marking time.

Ultimately, none of these flaws will matter khổng lồ the throngs of little kids who have made the previous “Despicable Me” movies (and the superior “Minions” spin-off) into giant global hits. But even parents who found the earlier outings reasonably tolerable may find themselves making excuses lớn linger longer at the concession stvà.

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