Device manager win 8 ở đâu

Device Manager (see the following picture) is a management tool used for checking device information, updating driver software, disabling driver, uninstalling driver, etc. And for your convenience, this article will summarize 5 methods to lớn open it on Windows 8 computer.

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Video guide on how lớn open Device Manager on Windows 8:

5 methods to open Device Manager on Windows 8/8.1:

Method 1: xuất hiện Device Manager from the Quichồng Access Menu.

On the desktop (or on the Start screen), right-tap the bottom left corner khổng lồ open the Quick Access Menu, và choose Device Manager on it.


Method 2: mở cửa it with a run comm&.

Use Windows+R hotkeys lớn open Run dialog box, type the comm& of devmgmt.msc và clichồng OK.


Method 3: Access Device Manager through Comm& Prompt.

Step 1: Turn on Command Prompt.

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Step 2: Enter devmgmt.msc and press Enter to access it.


Method 4: mở cửa it by searching.

Go to lớn the Search bar with Windows+F hotkeys, input đầu vào devmgmt.msc in the empty box, select Apps and tap the ứng dụng called devmgmt in the result.


Method 5: xuất hiện it in Computer Management.

Step 1: Right-cliông chồng Computer ibé và select Manage in the context menu to enter Computer Management.


Step 2: In the Computer Management window, choose Device Manager on the left.


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