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DAccount is a service package designed for groups of clients with self-employment needs. This is a type of investment with a high level of risk, requiring investors to lớn have sầu knowledge, experience, ability to identify opportunities and assess risks. The DA platform has a variety of facilities that allow clients lớn look up information about the issuer’s financial health, the sets of preeminent commands so that they can set up their own market risk warning system, and a portfolio of diverse investment products for different investment & trading needs.

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Clients can register and select the following trương mục packages:

(1) Transactional security accounts DSA (DSecurity Account) are designed for independent investors who want lớn actively invest và secure trading trương mục information. Clients who choose this service will have sầu access to the entire online trading platform và trading support facilities (toolbox) to lớn filter data and knowledge of securities investment at the most competitive sầu price in the market. Besides, because the account does not need the service, so the transaction information and tài khoản of clients are confidential because they are directly connected lớn the ORS portal of earlsdaughter.com.

(2) An account that needs transaction support DAC (D-Account Careby) is an account with a consultant and service provider, helping clients connect, và selecting investment services và products suitable to lớn each client’s investment conditions & opportunity conditions as well as risks from the market. Clients can choose to place orders by themselves or authorize to place orders via điện thoại tư vấn center: 1900545409.

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(1) Online payment platform that connects revenue and expenditure with the system of 9 major banks. Transfer money online và make transactions anytime, anywhere.(2) Information Platform và Investment Knowledge STOCKBOOK thematic investment communities & investment advisors about the types of assets that clients interest in.• Connection of the investment community D-COMMUNITY• Connection of business & shareholder community, stoông xã information CIP.. (Corporate investor page)• Searching for advisors – PRO-SEARCHFor more information, please cliông chồng HERE(3) Clients have sầu access lớn securities investment advisory products, including:• Price list and online trading platform• DStoông xã Rating: Stoông chồng filters and scoring• Reports on securities investment analysis• Selection of investment stocks according to short và medium-term strategies• List of investment recommendations according to various strategies(4) Online trading platsize and Personal account management:• Management of trading accounts at earlsdaughter.com My VND Account. Access lớn iVND• Management of relations và interactions connected with earlsdaughter.com – DLINK.• Trading portal of types of financial trading assets– DGATE.


Please register for the service via iVND or tương tác the call Center at 1900 54 54 09