Far Flung Là Gì

used khổng lồ refer to places that are a great distance away, or something that is spread over a very large area:

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This weekover, they headed baông xã out for a final push, amassing at far-flung high school and college games to lớn take last looks at prospective picks.
And second, by subjecting yoga"s far-flung health benefit claims -- some of them dubious on their face -- khổng lồ more rigorous scientific testing và validation.
But through her father"s political network, she was connected to far-flung villages & evinced a popumenu ease.
If you"re of a certain mind, exploring the various far-flung members of the winter squash family can be entertaining.
People come from far-flung mountain villages, some traveling up to lớn eight hours by bus khổng lồ buy and sell.
Dispatches turn far-flung consuls inkhổng lồ professional authors with a vested interest in making their writings st& out.
The mere mention of the word "refugee" usually conjures two reactions: heartbreaking images from far-flung camps và numbers that border on the abstract.
With cameras in far-flung cities all connecting lớn the same database, a person"s movements can be tracked across states or continents.
Every year, wars & natural disasters drive refugees from their homes, scattering them in far-flung corners of the globe.
The cloud is the central hub where all of this quickly changing, far-flung information will pass through.
The girls make a pact to send the magical jeans khổng lồ each other on their far-flung vacation destinations.

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He says the whale sharks" far-flung travels demonstrate that protecting this rare species will require international collaboration, not unlike the protection given migrating bluefin tumãng cầu.
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