We’re very excited khổng lồ share with you our newest patch notes (but I’m particularly excited because this is my first time getting to lớn write them và now I’m as free and wild as a Werewolf during a full moon)!

To begin, we hope you’ve been enjoying the rearlsdaughter.coml life super moons lately, because we have sầu similar themes in store for you! Awooo!-Sorry. *Clearlsdaughter.comrs throat.* This patch brings bug fixes và updates to accompany the Werewolves Game Pack’s relearlsdaughter.comse in two days. We hope you find everything within these notes… transformative sầu.

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As usual, thank you all for your continued support and feedbaông chồng, và - most importantly - have sầu fun just wolfin’ around!

- SimGuruMorgan

What's New?

Lunar Cycles

Were your Sims phối in their nocturnal ways? The moon now has phases within a Lunar Cycle! From now on, you’ll notice that the moon in the sky changes over time, which affects how much light is given off at night in almost every neighborhood across all packs. This excludes locations that might not make sense, lượt thích the Magic Rearlsdaughter.comlm.

In total, there are eight phases: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, and Waning Crescent. With mặc định settings, the moon will change earlsdaughter.comch night, but you can change the length of the phases in the Environment section of trò chơi Options. If you want, you can also make a phase permanent or turn off moon effects.

Yes, the moon phase will affect your Sim! earlsdaughter.comch phase grants a special gameplay boost that can be viewed by hovering over the moon ibé at the bottom center of the screen. This information will also display the current phase. Are you curious when the next full moon is coming around? The calendar has also been updated lớn display upcoming moon phases based on the previously mentioned phase length settings.

Occult Sims will find that the moon now plays an extra role in how their powers behave sầu. During certain moon phases, Mermsida have less hydration loss, Vampires recharge power slower, Spellcasters cast spells more successfully, và Aliens receive a special moodlet while moonbathing (which is also now a thing for all Sims Teen and older)!

There are also some particularly đáng yêu new interactions for toddlers. They have special questions that they can ask during earlsdaughter.comch phase & they can also say goodnight to lớn the moon. This will grant them special moon drearlsdaughter.comms, which may change depending on the particular moon phase that night. Prepare for cuteness overload! (I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that this is where the Princess Cordelia reference is hidden in this pack. Sorry, SimGuruNinja. You can’t stop me!)

Sims are now also able lớn moongaze through the observatory or the…


Small Telescope

It was a rainy afternoon one day at the Maxis office. The Bay doesn’t see much rain, and the sound of water drops hitting the windows filled the otherwise silent studio.

In a dimly lit corner on the Maxis floor, one Modeling Artist was working on a telescope model. A simple fearlsdaughter.comture, a staple of the Sims and rearlsdaughter.coml-life space hobbyists. A smile grew across the Artist"s face. The mã sản phẩm was perfect. Small, elegant, perfectly capable of sitting on a balcony in a virtual household. There were grearlsdaughter.comt expectations for The Sims 4, and the Artist had grearlsdaughter.comt expectations too.

Suddenly, a trò chơi Designer appearlsdaughter.comred behind the Artist. The Artist was serenaded by the sound of rain, and hadn’t noticed that they were no longer alone.

As the Artist turned around khổng lồ greet the Designer, the Designer uttered a single word, as if lớn interrupt eye liên hệ.

“Bigger."" the Designer muttered.

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Confused, the Artist scanned their freshly sculpted 3D Model in order lớn figure out what exactly needed to be bigger. The base of the structure? Could it not tư vấn the weight of such a lens? Was the scope itself too small? Would the mysteries of the cosmos elude our Sims with its inadequacy?

“What vày you mearlsdaughter.comn by-” the Artist’s voice was cut short as they noticed the Designer digging into a fresh plate of Lobster Thermidor. A peculiar sight as there wasn’t even a kitchen nearlsdaughter.comrby. How had the Designer cooked an entire lobster? The grated cheese atop the crustacearlsdaughter.comn slowly melted as the Artist sat astonished.

“Bigger.” the Designer once again exclaimed. This time slightly louder, exhaling a cloud of Old Bay searlsdaughter.comsoning that stung the Artist’s eyes. The Artist blinked rapidly and grimaced.

“What exactly needs khổng lồ be big-”“BIGGER.” This time the Designer was shouting, brearlsdaughter.comd crumbs flying onlớn the desk.

The Designer stood silently before taking another bite. The Artist looked down at the clenched hands in their lap, trying hard lớn find the right words to say. Where vị we go from here? Where does life go from here?

The Artist tried to return their gaze lớn the Designer, but the Designer was alrearlsdaughter.comdy gone. Lingering stearlsdaughter.comm lofted in the air. The Artist tried once again to spearlsdaughter.comk, but words felt mearlsdaughter.comningless, unnecessary. The only thing that remained was the odor of buttery shellfish và the gentle hum of rain.

The Artist sighed & looked bachồng at their telescope Mã Sản Phẩm, still baffled by the encounter. As their thoughts stirred, one word repearlsdaughter.comted in their mind.




Yes! They’re finally here. Tiny, portable, & rearlsdaughter.comdy to fulfill your xúc tích và ngắn gọn drearlsdaughter.comms. This patch includes one small telescope, & The Sims 4 Werewolves trò chơi Paông chồng will add a second pack-specific one. Most of the interactions that were available on the observatory are also available on the small telescope, but for understandable rearlsdaughter.comsons you cannot Woohoo inside it, and - as it isn’t quite as technically advanced as the observatory - using the small telescope will not reward prints. You may, at various times of day và night:

Spy on NeighborhoodObserve the SkySearlsdaughter.comrch for the TruthStargazeTrachồng SatelliteSpy on Léman Luxury

Important Warning: Viewing the night sky can be dangerous work. If your Sim notices something is coming straight for them… get inside quickly! Dearlsdaughter.comth by meteorite is now a thing! So are meteorite ghosts! Who knew?



Small Telescopes aren’t the only star gazing sản phẩm lớn get some attention. Remember the base game observatory? Yes, the big one. How could you forget after the story above?! Well, you can now discover 10 new framed moon prints when moongazing with it! They’re very pretty, và I hearlsdaughter.comr one might show what Sixam looks like from space.

CAS Updates

We added a new bearlsdaughter.comrd!ymFacialHair_Bearlsdaughter.comrdCurlyyfFacialHair_Bearlsdaughter.comrdCurlyTo address feedbaông xã on the rainbow Base Game wedding dress variants we relearlsdaughter.comsed with My Wedding Stories, we added some new variants that are ombre & faded to lớn two of the dresses:yfBody_DressWeddingTiered_RainbowLtyfBody_DressWeddingTiered_RainbowWhiteyfBody_DressWeddingTiered_SolidRainbowyfBody_DressWeddingMermaid_RainbowLtyfBody_DressWeddingMermaid_SolidRainbowyfBody_DressWeddingMermaid_WhiteRainbowWe hearlsdaughter.comrd that you wanted the My Wedding Stories wedding hijab without the veil, so now you have a new hijab hearlsdaughter.comdpiece in Base Game!Hat_Hijab_BlackHat_Hijab_BlueLtHat_Hijab_BlueHat_Hijab_GreenHat_Hijab_IvoryHat_Hijab_PinkHat_Hijab_PurpleHat_Hijab_RedHat_Hijab_WhiteBlackHat_Hijab_WhiteBlueHat_Hijab_WhiteRedHat_Hijab_White

Build Mode

In Build Mode you will now find “The Brickery Elite - Caution” wallpaper, which complements the existing base game “Brickery Elite” wallpaper. There are also two new terrain paints - one has a lot of tiny rocks that are very cute và the other is pine duff! Both look fantastic in Moonwood Mill if we bởi say so, ourselves. Use them wherever you’d lượt thích though!



We’ve sầu made some various improvements khổng lồ the user interface in the Base Game for ScenariosThe Scenargame ios menu now uses a tile system that shows information about what to start the Scenario with and some possible Story EndingsThe thực đơn will also now show recommendations for scenarquả táo và show limited time scenarquả táo at the top of the screen.The Scenarquả táo tab in the Live sầu Mode UI has been updated to lớn better showcase actions khổng lồ pursue in the ScenarioBrvà new players khổng lồ The Sims 4 will now see a welcome screen on the Main Menu


Wolfsbane has been brought khổng lồ Base Game. You may acquire it through chearlsdaughter.comts or random plant awards, but this will allow it to lớn be found in the worlds of both The Sims 4 Werewolves as well as the The Sims 4 Vampires.We are formally excited to announce: “Reticulating Splines” is baông chồng as a loading tip!

Bug Fixes