Intellect là gì

a very educated person whose interests are studying & other activities that involve careful thinking

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In this modern world, we often make a mistake in the teaching of our children of trying to develop powerful intellects.
The public service needs the finest intellects available, whatever their initial schooling; & as we know, there are far too few of such intellects about.
There may be personal animosity now, or a clash of intellects because of the attitude people are taking up.
Even the finest intellects cannot function perfectly unless they are provided with adequate and accurate information.
One begins to think how grateful the great unwashed should be that those great intellects deign to lớn bend their minds lớn improving their lot.
The problem will not, however, be solved until the subject attracts a due proportion of the best intellects in the country.
However, we vì chưng not remember nearly as often that these outstanding intellects, almost without exception, gained this recognition far from their homelvà.
The competition khổng lồ attract the brighthử nghiệm intellects is increasing all the time, as are the salaries being offered.
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a family consisting of two parents and their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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