Live Out Là Gì

live out

1.stay alive through;survive;last through;endure khổng lồ the kết thúc of 活过(一段时期);保持寿命;忍受到最后He lived out the earthquake,but his house was completely destroyed.他虽然经历地震而活过来了,但他的房子彻底完了。The patient lived out another month.病人又活了一个月。I doubt if she"ll live out the winter.我怀疑她是否能熬过这个冬天。 sầu outside a place of work or institution在所在单位外寄宿My servant lives out.我家的佣人不住在我家。3.finish(a period of time); spend 完成(一段时间);消磨时间After retiring,John and his wife lived out their lives in Florida.退休后,约翰和他太太在佛罗里达度过余生。

live out of a suitcase

stay away from your home with only the belongings in your suitcase I dislike this job because I am often on a business trip và must live sầu out of my suitcase.

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live sầu out of a suitcase|live|out of a suitcase|suit

v. phr. To have sầu no permanent residence or a permanent place lớn hang one"s clothes. When Jennifer accepted her new job, she had no idea that she would have sầu khổng lồ live sầu out of a suitcase for six months.

live sầu out|live

v. 1. To finish (a period of time); spover. Smith lived out the year in the North as he had agreed, but then moved to the South again. After retiring, John & his wife lived out their lives in Florida. 2. To last through; endure to lớn the end of. We lived out the winter on short ration. He lived out the earthquake, but his house was destroyed.

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live out

1. To go through and complete a particular period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "live" & "out." I just want to live my remaining years out on my grandfather"s farm in the country.2. To successfully achieve, accomplish, or complete some goal or desire. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "live" and "out." At the age of forty, I"m finally living out my dream of being a professional author. He"s living his hopes out of becoming a surgeon.3. To vì something that mimics or acts out one"s intimate dreams, desires, passions, or fantasies. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "live" & "out." The experience puts amateurs in the pilot seat, giving them the chance khổng lồ live out their fantasies of flying an airplane.4. To dwell or reside in a location away from one"s place of employment or education. They offered the nanny a room in their house, but he said he preferred to lớn live out.Learn more: live sầu, out

live something out

to act out something such as one"s fantasies. She tried to live sầu her dreams out. He has a tendency to try to lớn live out his fantasies.Learn more: live sầu, out

live sầu out

Complete or survive the over of a period of time, as in Grandpa wants khổng lồ live out his days in a warmer climate. 2. Reside away from one"s place of employment, as in She"s a fine housekeeper, but insists on living out. This expression is used primarily for domestic help. Also see live sầu in, def. 1. 3. live out of. Lead a lifestyle characterized by a particular cửa nhà. This phrase appears in such idioms as live sầu out of a suitcase, meaning "khổng lồ travel so much that one has no time khổng lồ unpaông chồng one"s belongings," or live out of cans, meaning "lớn eat only canned food for lack of other foods or time to lớn prepare them." For example, Traveling for months on kết thúc, he got very tired of living out of a suitcase, or We had neither gas nor electriđô thị for a week và had to live out of cans. Learn more: live, out

live sầu out

v.1. To live sầu outside one"s place of domestic employment: You have sầu to lớn get home page on time when you have sầu a nanny who lives out.2. To experience the passing & completion of some period of time or the attainment of something planned, desired, or imagined: She hopes khổng lồ live out her dreams of becoming a famous author. He lived his last days out on a remote tropical island.Learn more: live sầu, outLearn more:Dictionary
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