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Vật phđộ ẩm này bị xóa vì sẽ vi phạm Hướng dẫn xã hội với ngôn từ Steam. Bạn là fan độc nhất vô nhị có thể nhìn thấy đồ phẩm này. Nếu bạn có niềm tin rằng đồ vật phẩm của bản thân mình bị xóa nhầm thì xin vui tươi liên hệ nhóm cung ứng Steam.

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Vật phđộ ẩm này không tương xứng với PAYDAY 2. Hãy coi trang khuyên bảo để tìm hiểu nguyên nhân tại sao đồ gia dụng phẩm này hoàn toàn có thể không dùng được vào PAYDAY 2.

For eons people have sầu sought for the perfect build for Payday 2, they have traversed oceans, scaled mountains & toppled empires all in tìm kiếm of this elusive sầu treasure. Rejoice my friends for the tìm kiếm is over.
Before we get inkhổng lồ the build I feel the need to express the pure unadulterated genius of this build. The raw power và destructive sầu force you shall wield will be beyond your fellow team mates’ comprehension. Some may doubt my words and attempt lớn discredit this build for it"s unconventional choices và point allocations. Others may claim that this build isn"t viable on overkill, never mind deathwish but you must take their words for what they are, slander. How it feels khổng lồ use this build. I"m guessing at this point you"re thinking, okay, so all this guy has done is talk about how great his build is, where"s the evidence? Sales pitch: Here we go. This build has the tốc độ and mobility of dodge và the astounding regenerative sầu qualities of grinder. You want team support? You got it. Powerful weapons? You"ve got it. Everything you could want, you have. Finally to top it all off this build has the potential khổng lồ regenerate 60% of its armour per kill, that"s impressive sầu right?
Skills are perhaps the most important parts of any build as they alone differentiate one from many, seperate the wheat from the chaff so lớn speak.
Mastermind is important, okay? Not paramount, but important, if I had to lớn I"d compare it to lớn feeding pets, you know that you should vị it but sometimes the little buggers just have khổng lồ learn the hard way…moving on.Controller is the only tree we will be investing in here, forced friendship is the only perk that really matters in this entire build, the rest are just for show. Friends are important và hard to lớn come by, in game và real life, so we’re going lớn need some help. This skill provides us with more cable ties và the ability lớn tie faster, meaning we can make more friends at a faster rate, which is great! WARNINGSome "friends" will attempt khổng lồ run away in fear because they can’t commit khổng lồ a proper relationship. They are wrong và should either be convinced through tying (pretty kinky) or more direct measures (give sầu them a gentle tap with melee or bullets). Joker provides you with the ability khổng lồ make loyal friends & increase their longevity because unfortunately friends don"t last forever, sigh..... Confident allows you khổng lồ make friends from a greater distance và convert one more of the uninitiated lớn your righteous cause. Partners in crime gives your newly found friends more longevity as well as more health & tốc độ for you. Finally hostage taker provides you with the plentiful health regeneration I lied about above sầu mentioned previously.
Here is where the bulk of the build comes in, allowing you to survive sầu for longer & hopefully bloông chồng out all the mean things people say about your build on the internet. Resilience aced gives increased armour regeneration, as well as the ability to lớn reduce the effect of the red bleeping flashes firing high velothành phố milk at your eyes. ie. Flash bangs EDIT: They should have sầu called this skill no point crying, get it spilt milk no point crying, pretty good right? Transporter is a series of films starring Jason Statsay mê in which he plays a FedEx delivery man who has to lớn move bags around. He was such a legover aước ao the competitive sầu FedEx delivery crowd that he earned the name "Transporter", thus the eponymous nature of this complex film series is explained. Oh yeah, the skill (probably named after the films, who knows?) provides an increase in bag throwing capabilities by một nửa which is necessary for not hanging yourself during intense sections of bag moving. Bullseye is where the real magic of the build comes in so we"ll talk about this later. Shochồng & awe provides increased armour regeneration for both you, & your crew which, technically counts as team support…so that"s nice. That is unless all of your team runs stoicRethành viên kids, don"t use stoic, it"s not worth the pain your family và friends go through. Finally, we have the weapon skills, that"s right we"re running shotguns. The first skill in this tree is underdog which provides us with some cheap damage when enemies are near. Shotgun impact aced provides 15% extra damage along with a boost lớn stability. Shotgun CQB aced is crucial for most shotgun builds as it provides 1/2 extra reload speed & increased zoom speed which are both great effects. Cchiến bại by allows us khổng lồ sprint n’ shoot at the same time but acts mainly as a stepping stone lớn get to overkill. This provides 75% damage increase for 20 seconds, killing an enemy with a shotgun which is pretty damn nice.
This is actually my favourite part of the build because we get khổng lồ our deployable, Sentry guns. Stop laughing. This is a serious build guys come on! Anyway, turrets are the best deployable in the game and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or an evil lizard person. One day, those who mochồng và deride the power of turrets shall finally see their folly and cast off their medic or ammo bags, joining theenlightened in a new glorious age of Payday, the age of the sentry turret. For the skills you will want lớn ace Third law, targeting package and eco sentry for an assortment of buffs lớn your turrets. Finally you are going khổng lồ want tower defense basic for an extra sentry turret. Now you don"t have lớn follow this set up exactly, you could take points from other trees that you deem unnecessary & get tower defense aced. To be honest it doesn"t really matter how you build turrets because they"re going khổng lồ be f***ing awful whatever you bởi vì with sentries you can"t go wrong.
Spooky! Now ghost is clearly a waste of time for the most part. What are you gonmãng cầu vì, make a dodge build? Do you want to know what that looks lượt thích.......Yep doesn"t kết thúc well. Baông xã lớn ghost, we’ll be getting duck and cover basic for increased movement speed & stamina regeneration. Finally parkour aced gives a further increase to movement tốc độ as well as the ability khổng lồ run in any direction and reload while running. You may be wondering why movement speed is so important for this build, this is very simple, police are scary & have sầu guns. You on the other h& have a bunch of automatic nerf guns on glorified lazy suzans, pretty self explanatory if you ask me.Actual damage output of sentry guns.
Final stretch now, here we"re going to lớn pick up equilibrium basic & gun nut aced lớn get increased holster tốc độ, clip kích thước, as well as reload speed. So now you’re thinking, wait pistol skills as well WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Honestly I don"t know lets just move sầu on. Nine lives and swan tuy nhiên are also aced because face it, if you"re using this build you’re really going to lớn need it. I’m sure you’re thinking "Oh we"re getting nine lives aced so we can use this on higher difficulties right?" No. No no no no no no no no NO! This build barely works on overkill never mind anything above that Moving on.
Equipment + Perk deck
Equipment can both make & break a build, guess what it’s going khổng lồ vì lớn this?
The primary of this build is actually a good weapon, contrary khổng lồ everything you have previously seen there is actually an aspect of quality lớn it, shocking I know. This is the 12g Joceline shotgun, a high powered small clip shotgun. Basically, a non stealthy variant of the Mosconi.000 buckshot Wrist wrecker stockThis weapon is a great way to lớn khuyến mãi with large groups of enemies or just tougher cops, lượt thích tasers or some mission specific enemies. The only drawbaông xã is the small clip kích thước which means you’ll often have to resort khổng lồ your secondary in which case you"re screwedbecause this is pretty much the only "good" part of this build. The more astute amuốn you will have realised that the modifications to this weapon make no sense whatsoever. Do you know what? You"re absolutely correct. Why would you have a concealment boosting modification for a build that"s clearly not a dodge build? Be patient, soon all will become clear.

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The secondary weapon is the best weapon in the game, the Bernetti 9. Wait, sorry, wrong picture.There. Much betterThe Bernetti really is a good weapon… for stealth that is. In loud the Bernetti is very simply the inferior choice for a secondary pistol and that"s exactly why we"re using it.Jungle ninja supressor Combined module Engraved bernetti gripCustom titanium frameExtended magazineMarksman sightElite slideOnce again very odd modifications but we"ll get lớn this later
Contrary to lớn popular belief there actually is a point to lớn melee but its not what you might imagine.For this build we are going to use the Alabama razor but we"re not going khổng lồ use this offensively, the razor is for killing yourself after seeing how awfully the build performs. Rethành viên kiddos sideways for attention, lengthways for results.
There really is only one choice for armour và that of course is the two piece suit. This amazing suit provides "high protection", an astounding 5 base dodge & an unlimited supply of style. Think about it, Peter Parker wears a suit & he"s Spiderman, are you really going lớn argue with Spiderman? Nope, didn"t think so.
Ace of spades is a great throwable as it can never run out, it also means you are completely walled by shields & have lớn awkwardly jive around them khổng lồ dispose of them.
Finally, I get to lớn talk about the main attraction of the build ladies và gentlemen, I present khổng lồ you armorer. Yes, that’s right, armorer with two piece suit. With this perk deông xã the two piece suit hits the dizzying heights of 27
armour, allowing you to lớn tank a whopping 2 bullets before losing armour. I know you’re impressed by the sheer brilliance of the build and the amazing longevity on display but we really need to lớn move on because we"ve sầu got one last thing lớn talk about.
Right now I know what you"re thinking "Why on earth vì chưng you need a maths section in a Payday guide?" only through the power of numbers can I convey khổng lồ you the true brilliance of this build. So we have a whopping 33 armour & we regenerate 20 armour per headshot. (20/33)*100 = 60.6% See the beginning wasn"t a lie, this you really can regenerate high percentages of your armour, grossly exaggerated maybe, but not lying. We"re also going lớn discuss the very odd weapon modifications seen in the equipment section. This is very simple, using this exact set up allows you khổng lồ reach a very specific concealment rating, 31. Now what"s special about 31 concealment? Well, this number actually broadcasts to lớn all other players in the lobby that you are a childish idiot who should be reviled and spat upon for your uncleanliness. Pixelated for additional effect.Just kidding guys we all know how friendly và welcoming pubs and the payday 2 community can be.....…
Turrets are cool. It’s a great way khổng lồ make the most out of the game as heists take twice as long as usual. That’s if you’re even able to finish them. You can get even more enjoyment out of great, well balanced, & fun, well designed maps lượt thích goat simulator. How it feels khổng lồ play the goat simulator heist. This build does not work on cursed kill room regardless of difficulty, so now you have sầu an excuse khổng lồ never play that joke of a heist. You"ll have less friends which means less birthdays so you save money, which is nice. Umm it provides a challenge?
Oh boy this is going to lớn be a long danh sách.Enemies
Any entity that has the capacity lớn harm you in this game can easily và quickly kill you, this build is in no way qualified or capable of taking down almost any enemy in the game. If you don"t believe me then let me rephrase this, you have 33 armour và 5 dodge, a dog in a Chinese restaurant has better survival odds than you vì chưng. Special mention should go khổng lồ shields và bulldozers as this build was constructed with those two enemies in mind, by this I mean that the build was built specifically khổng lồ struggle with both. Your only chance is to lớn die, go inkhổng lồ swan song and try & fill them with enough bullets khổng lồ kill them, that is the only way.Other playersNot sure why but a lot of players lượt thích khổng lồ kiông chồng you from the game when you tell them what you’re using, not sure why though…Playing the gameWith this build there is only one thing that remains constant, you will be miserable, the build was constructed with this in mind. The thing about this build is that it is so cthảm bại lớn working, there are parts of it that actually come cthua to being an actual build but fall just short. Beautiful isn’t it.
This build was the worst I could concoct while still being "useable" and hopefully provided you with some entertainment. However, this still doesn"t mean you should use it because it really is that bad. Thanks for reading! PS: None of the images or resources used in this guide are my own (except for the awful branding image) và I bởi not clayên ownership over any of them.TL:DR Pls don"t sue me