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(of a wish or an idea) to lớn take control over a person"s mind, making that person behave sầu in a very strange way:
(of a desire or an idea) to lớn take control over a person’s mind, making that person behave sầu in a strange way:
The class of quasirandom graphs is defined by certain equivalent graph properties possessed by random graphs.
Figure 8 shows an example involving five sầu initial disks, all of radius 1, that possesses no symmetry.
Just how much autonomy cells possess was a matter of serious debate in the decades surrounding the turn of the twentieth century.
Similarly, experts in molecular biology who possess a patient-driven focus may well help develop the next generation of intracellular therapeutic targets.
In these cases a single individual or group may possess a different rank according to lớn the three separate social dimensions.
Interestingly, the recent results from human genome sequencing have sầu revealed that each category of repeated sequences possesses a specific dynamics in space & time.
Since sheep vì chưng not possess the opiate receptors responsible for causing anesthesia, they are not an appropriate mã sản phẩm for testing narcotic anesthesia in the fetus.
The whole business can become a very long haul & not every teacher possesses the self-efficacy to lớn cope.
Expenditures on street construction and maintenance possess a similarly dual function, encouraging environmental improvement but equally facilitating the transactions of commerce.
Most clergy believed that they possessed adequate liturgical skills, but 13% felt they possessed none or little skill in pastoral care of the dying.

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They meet events with the wisdom they already possess, và that wisdom belongs lớn the past và is a hàng hóa of a by-gone experience.
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