Dove cameron claps back at critics over braless photo

Dove sầu Cameron is going khổng lồ post bikini-clad Instagrams, and she doesn’t care who is offended by them.

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The 23-year-old former Disney star (she was the lead in Liv & Maddie until its finale in 2017) shared a sexy nội y đoạn phim of herself kneeling on top of a bed posing in a two-piece bathing suit over the weekend. She captioned the đoạn Clip, “i love the female body 🕯🌊🕊.”

But after getting negative sầu comments from some of the over 2 million who viewed the clip, she shot back at critics by adding another phản hồi khổng lồ her caption. “guys if i’m in a bathing suit, and i’m 23 & you’re tripping, you need khổng lồ re-evaluate what trips you up. và also get more comfortable w the human toàn thân.”

One commenter wrote, “Okay the reason why we’re freaking out because us as kids we see you on Disney so seeing you getting drunk và posting pics of her half naked doesn’t make you a great role model lớn the kids watching Disney.”

Cameron herself replied to lớn the thread writing, “I’m not…. drunk ? I’m in ….. a bathing suit? on vacation?”



Another commenter wrote, “Your also still on Disney. Little girls are your tín đồ base. They idolize you!… No matter how good you make it sound your being sexual bottom line!… I just hope the young minds of your tín đồ base don’t follow your example.”

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Shortly after posting her bikini-clad video clip, she followed up on the negative hate by posting a phokhổng lồ of the artwork “The Birth of Venus” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau along with a lengthy post defending her body và calling for social truyền thông media users to stop objectifying women.

“The human body isn’t offensive y’all. stop objectifying women so hard that you convince yourself that something natural & beautiful could ever be something offensive sầu,” she wrote in her caption. “Also let women define their own bodies và their relationship to their bodies for themselves. stop defining women’s bodies for said women. (goes for women shaming women as well).”

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“It’s just hundreds of years of social conditioning & it’s super weird. we should be done with this whole shame thing. at any age (children as well & ESPECIALLY) and any gender. we only make nakedness inappropriate when we objectify and sexualize. a toàn thân is not inherently sexual. its beautiful và innocent. stop ruining it for yourself & others.”

A slew of positive comments came rolling in on her post, including from former Fifth Harmony thành viên Lauren Jauregui who wrote, “PREACH BBY GIRL.”

Another commenter wrote: “I love when you post stuff lượt thích this. it needs khổng lồ be heard.”

But of course, there were still naysayers who wrote, “I believe sầu in modesty. Dressing modesty doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of your body. Modesty is simply you valuing what has value.”

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