Rey Mysterio Art

It’s 2020 and Rey Mysterio’s entire family is a part of WWE programming now. His son, Dominik Mysterio, is a wrestler on RAW. Aalyah Mysterio, his daughter, is involved in a romance angle with Murphy. His wife, Angie Mysterio, is there to lớn tư vấn hyên and her son.

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In this article, we’re going khổng lồ tell you everything you need to lớn know about Aalyah Mysterio, because it looks like she’s going khổng lồ be a prominent part of WWE programming in the future. So let’s get started!


Aalyah (real name: Aalyah Gutierrez) was born on August trăng tròn, 2001 (yes, after the Attitude Era ended) in California, just a year before Rey Mysterio made his WWE debut. She’s 19 years old right now, 4 years younger than her brother, Dominik (who’s 23).

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Aalyah attended Horizon Christian Academy. She graduated high school in 2019 & is studying medicine in college.

Her family was present at her high school graduation và Rey appeared without his mask.

Rey posted the following about it on Instagram:

“Congratulations my Beautiful princess! High School is over và now a successful journey awaits! I am so looking forward on seeing your growth in Med school và in Life……… You have had God’s