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truth /tru:θ/ danh từ thực sự, lẽ yêu cầu, chân lýto lớn tell the truth: nói sự thậtthe truth of science: chân lý khoa họcthe truth is that...: sự thật là... sự đúng chuẩn, sự bao gồm xácthere is no truth in his report: trong bạn dạng report của hắn không có gì là chính xác cả (không tồn tại gì là đúng sự thực cả) tính ngay thật, lòng chân thậtI can rely on his truth: tôi hoàn toàn có thể tin vào lòng chân thực của nó (kỹ thuật) sự lắp đúngthe wheel is out of truth: bánh xe cộ đính thêm lệch
Lĩnh vực: tân oán & tinchân lýtruth function: hàm chân lýtruth table: bảng chân lýtruth value: quý hiếm chân lýLĩnh vực: xây dựngsự thậttruth functionhàm đúngtruth tablebảng chân trịtruth tablegiá trị tin cậytruth tablebảng thử đúngtruth tablebảng thực trịtruth valuechân trịtruth valuecực hiếm thực (đúng hoặc sai)truth valuecực hiếm tin cậy

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): truth, untruth, truthfulness, true, untrue, truthful, truly, truthfully, untruthfully

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Từ điển Collocation

truth noun

1 what is true

ADJ. absolute, gospel (informal), honest (informal), real She takes everything she reads in the paper as gospel truth. | full, whole It still doesn"t make sense lớn me?I don"t think he"s told us the whole truth. | exact, literal | naked, plain, simple The simple truth is he"s lost his job. | underlying | awful, bitter, cruel, dreadful, hard, harsh, horrible, horrid, painful, sad, shocking, terrible, unpalatable, unpleasant, unwelcome the shocking truth about heroin addiction among mỏi the young The sad truth is he never loved her. | objective | empirical, historical, moral, poetic, psychological, religious, scientific, spiritual It"s a good film but contains little historical truth. | divine

QUANT. element, grain There may have sầu been a grain of truth in what he said.

VERB + TRUTH know So now you know the truth. If the truth be known, I was afraid to tell anyone. | admit, speak, tell (sb) He was reminded of his duty lớn speak the truth when questioned in court. I"m sure she"s telling the truth. To tell you the truth, I"m rather dreading his return. | establish, discover, find out, get at, learn, reveal, uncover She was determined khổng lồ discover the truth about her neighbours. The journamenu protested that he was only trying khổng lồ get at the truth. | guess | accept, acknowledge, face (up to) | doubt The police doubt the truth of his statement. | conceal, cover up, hide, suppress You"ve sầu been hiding the truth from me!

TRUTH + VERB be, lie We are examining the matter lớn see where the truth lies. | come out, emerge Towards the kết thúc of the letter the cruel truth emerged. | dawn on sb The awful truth suddenly dawned on her.

PREP. in ~ She laughed và chatted but was, in truth (= in fact), not having much fun. | ~ about finding out the truth about her husbvà | ~ behind What"s the truth behind all the gossip? | ~ in There is no truth in the rumour.

PHRASES be economical with the truth (= not khổng lồ tell the whole truth), nothing could be further from the truth I know you think she"s mean, but nothing could be further from the truth. | the quest/tìm kiếm for (the) truth, a ring of truth His explanation has a ring of truth to it. | a seeker after truth (literary) seekers after divine truth | the truth of the matter The truth of the matter is we can"t afford lớn keep all the staff on. | the truth will out (saying) (= People will find out the true facts of a situation even if you try lớn keep them secret.)

2 fact that is true

ADJ. basic, central, comtháng, essential, eternal, fundamental, general, great, important, profound, simple, ultimate, universal in search of the eternal truths of life | ancient | obvious, self-evident, undeniable We hold these truths to lớn be self-evident … | underlying | half, partial His evidence was a blkết thúc of smears, half truths and downright lies. | harsh, trang chính, painful, unpalatable, unpleasant, unwelcome It"s time we told him a few home page truths about sharing a house. | necessary | moral, philosophical, scientific, spiritual | divine

VERB + TRUTH establish, reveal, uncover | tell sb | accept, acknowledge, face up to

PREP. ~ about She was forced to face up lớn a few unwelcome truths about her family.